NCH-Stick© - The Homeopathy Revolution

made possible by patented NewChineseHomeopathy

Did You know?  All this compromises the your classical homeopathic remedies:

Computers of all kinds, tablets, TV, radio, mobile phones - especially 5G, Wifi, bluetooth, white goods, microwave ovens, hifi-speakers, earth and water rays, remote controls, Babyphones, on-board-electronics in vehicles, x-rays at your doctor or on airports,  scanners in supermarkets or drugstores, ticket- or other vending machines, ATM's - cash withdrawal machines, harmonic energizers, water levitation systems, even new LED-Lights and small action-cameras...
and many more!

No problem with NCH-Technology in the NCH-Stick© - the best way of dosage

How do You store your homeopathic remedies?

At constant temperature? Not in sunlight and heat? Far away or protected against electromagnetic waves? No?
Also, do You keep them not to close to strong smelling substances like perfumes, herbs, cosmetics, smoked foods or flowers? No? Keep in mind to store them also dark and dry. All this also has an impact on the efficiancy and safety of Your classical homeopathical remedies.

Its dangerous to rely on a homeopathic remedy with reduced energy or even completely erased homeopathic information!
Problem solved
patented NCH-Technology™! The fixed and fully preserved remedies of all 'new chinese homeopathy' remain stable and safe to use for ages! This is the only and most efficient form of dosage for homeopathy!

Today, any technical device in our modern world permanently influences classical homeopathic remedies.
Sugar and alcolhol cannot hold and preserve the sensitive healing-information. NCH-Technology™ makes it happen: No more problems due to fixed remedies with patented 'solid-body homeopathy' technology!
No more worries if globules still hold some healing-energy!

The NCH-Stick© is that easy to use, even small children can do! And its easy to clean, just a wipe it dry or clean it with a small moistened tissue. Simply choose your remedy field and put the tip of your tongue on it.
2 seconds match 1 classic globule.
Fits in pockets easily, put it out, and its ready to use.
Feel the real power of homeopathy for the first time!


  • 40 of the most used and powerful homeopathic remedies on one single NCH-Stick©
  • homeopathic information & energy permanently fixed in the material.
  • stable concentration and efficacy of Information, safe use for decades.
  • easy to dose and use, even for children.
  • nearly indestructible, flexible and durable from −40 to +250 degrees °C
  • food-safe material by the strictest standards.
  • high-quality plastic, comparable with baby-pacifiers, BPA-free.
  • easy to understand, everlasting durable color-marking and remedy-abbreviations.
  • lightweight, small, always with you, ready to use in seconds.
  • no alcohol, no sugar, safe to use for diabetics.
  • gentle on resources, environmentally sustainable, one stick for many years, no more flasks.
  • made with NCH-Technology™ strictly following the rules of the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia.
  • produced by fairtrade-eco-contractors in certified hi-tec-laboratories.