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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Many questions come with new technologies like the NCH-Stick© and the whole solid body homeopathy. We try to answer the most recent questions for you here:

I now know of all the revolutionary advantages, but still don't get it: What is NCH-Technology and fixed body homeopathy?
Fixed body homeopathy means, the mother tincture is not sprayed over millions of globules. About 2-3 drops are mixed with a solidifying material. Once the material with its highly concentrated remedy sets, it gets encased in an special isolation layer, that makes the highly active healing-energy only available if an information-bridge is applied.
We cannot offer more details as the production of NCH-Cells is extremly complicated and costly to meet highest standards, as well as to avoid leakage of NCH-Technologys basic secrets.

Which homeopathic remedies does the NCH-Stick include?
Aconitum D30, Allium Cepa D4, Ambra D6, Antimonium crudum D12, Apis D12, Argentum nitricum D12, Arnica D12 D4, Arsenicum album D12, Belladonna D30, Berberis D12, Bryonia D12, Cantharis D6, Capsicum D12, Chamomilla recutita D30, China officinalis D12, Cocculus D12, Coffea D12, Colocynthis D12, Drosera D4, Dulcamara D4, Eupatorium D4, Ferrum phosphoricum D12, Gelsemium D6, Hypericum D12, Ipecacuanha D4, Kalium Phosphoricum D12, Lycopodium D12 , Magnesium phosphoricum D12, Mercurius solubilis D6, Natrium chloratum D12, Nux vomica D12, Phytolacca D30, Pulsatilla D12, Rhus toxicodendron D6, Sambucus nigra D 12, Silicea D12, Spongia D6, Staphisagria D12, Sulfur D6, Veratrum album D6

How do I use the NCH-Stick?
Find your preferred remedy on the stick, put your dry thumbs left and right on the adjacent remedies to cover them. Then simply put the tip of your tongue on your chosen remedy-field between Your thumbs. The moisture of your tongue generates the same information-bridge like melting globules in your mouth. 2 seconds of contact match 1 globule in the mouth. Just wipe your stick dry afterwards.

Why the tongue?
The etheric homeopathic information bridge works best when absorbed via mucous membranes. The healing-information dissolves the same way like you would melt globules under the tongue using a classic homeopathic remedy.

Why this 40 remedies?
They simply are the most used, most beloved and wanted by our customers. They match the most health problems and sensitivities indicated. If you need another rare remedy, please refer to your homeopath or physician.

Can i share the NCH-Stick?
The NCH-Stick has been designed to be shared! Just take care of usual hygienic matters. Clean it with a small partly moist tissue, then wipe it dry and dispose the tissue with household waste. Don't rinse the stick, this could take some of the homeopathic information into our water system. The high quality of the material should not get scratched easily. If the stick is damaged, please replace it.

Are there other NCH-Sticks, maybe with Nosodes or rare complex homeopathic remedies?

No, currently not. Maybe we will find enough space on one of our newer products planned. Like the NCH-Disc, or a special edition of a smaller unit with rare complex remedies only.

The fixed remedies in the NCH-Stick are immune to everything that has an impact to classical homeopathic remedies, but do i still have to care about §260 of the Organon?
Yes! And No! The NCH-Stick works like an usual homeopathic remedy. Its just more durable, reliable and much more safer and comfortable to use. Influences to the effect of NCH healing-information have been recorded to be much lower than with classical homeopathic remedies.

Will there be an - maybe - 80 remedy NCH-Stick?
Maybe, but it wouldn't make much sense as rarely more than 25 remedies are used regulary by most people. With 40 remedies the NCH-Stick offers more variety than most people will ever need.

Will the NCH-Stick be available in different colors?

No. We color-coded the differnces in the remedies potency. This would make it harder to use the NCH-Stick that easy. And of course the NCH-Stick should not look alike a toy!

How to know which remedy and dose to use?
For Information about the correct remedies to use for you and how to dose them please refer to your fellow homeopath or physician. Show them the list of remedies on the NCH-Stick for an even better anamnesis! The NCH-Stick makes no difference in practicing homeopathy, its just a modern, safer and easier way to use homeopathic remedies and carry all of them with you!

What if i take large parts of the stick in my mouth?
This you should not do as you would not swallow different kinds of pills at once. Misuse of homeopathy is not that dangerous as it depends on correctly using it.

How to use the NCH-Stick with Babies and Animals?

For animals we recommend the use of old style remedies as you hardly can encourage an animal to put the tongue on the NCH-Stick for a certain amount of time. For babies and small children we found out they learn very fast to put their tongue on the NCH-Stick. But they might need Your helt to get the tongue away from the stick in time.