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made possible by patented NewChineseHomeopathy

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Please feel free to share your preferences, ideas, complaints, suggestions and comments with us. After selling thousands of NCH-Sticks in China and South-East-Asia we are still looking forward to improve this great product!

The new version of the NCH-Stick© now comes in our eco-cardboard box including a silk protecting pouch for everyday use.

Pictures might differ from newer versions.

Please note:
For a cost efficient and environment-friendly way to produce our quality NCH-Sticks
© we use bulk-orders mainly to avoid overproduction. Our contractors take care of local distribution! Hence this results in longer delivery periods!

Pricing: Currently one NCH-Stick© is available for : GBP 145,- plus a small processing fee for our freelancers in packaging of GBP 15,- This processing and packaging fee includes shipping costs to our partner-contractor in your country and to your home. If you order more than one NCH-Stick©, this fee is charged only once.

Your NCH-Stick© offers 40 of the most used homeopathic remedies, permanent efficiancy by fixed homeopathic information in the material, nearly everlasting by 'solid body homeopathy' technology, resistant to technicqal and environmental influence of all kinds, BPA-free food-proof material. It comes in eco-cardboardbox with a silk pouch to protect it in pockets and instructions.

There is a discount for orders from 10 NCH-Stick which will reduce the price of one NCH-Stick© to GBP 125,-
Surprise your friends an relatives with this phantastic product made by solid body homeopathy™!