NCH-Stick© - The Homeopathy Revolution

made possible by patented NewChineseHomeopathy

No more globules, flasks and pills! No more sugar and alcohol.  NCH-Stick© makes homeopathy easy for everyone.

Patented NCH-Technology
Make it happen:

40 most used homeopathic Remedies
All On One Stick
Neat Design, Always With You
Food-Safe - Everlasting
Flexible & Resistant Plastic

Fixed Energy Material
Thoroughly Manufactured

Activate the real power of self-healing. The new and revolutionary NCHsolid body homeopathy technology.
Safe, cost-effective and handy.

No more flask chaos! No more unsure effectivity of old fashioned remedies!
40 of the most used remedies on one NCH-Stick
©. Easy to use and small,
only 20 x 1,5 x 0,5 cm!

The homeopathic healing power information of any
mother-tincture permanently fixed!
With all new
patented NCH™-Technology.